Using Technology To Find &
Protect You From Pests

Haynes Exterminating is committed to using the latest, most effective technology available to find, eliminate and protect you from pest problems.

Our “High Tech” approach allows us to handle any pest control situation with a degree of effectiveness unavailable in years past.

It is like going from a crude, inexact magnifying glass to a highly precise electron microscope; from a shotgun to a high powered rifle.  The result is efficient protection while lowering the environmental impact and footprint.

This expensive technology is also not available with many other pest control companies.

Our approach not only encompasses our equipment, but also includes our earth friendly pesticides and termiticides.

The result is the right equipment in the right situations, which more effectively solves a customer’s problem.   It also further minimizes their risk to any pesticide exposure.  Our goal is always to find ways to offer more with less.

Some of our technology enhanced equipment includes:

img00681) Pro Control Hepa Backpack Vacuum.  Easy for a technician to operate.  Offers our customers a non- chemical option to remove German cockroaches.  Usually recommended for severe infestations.  Can drastically reduce the time it takes to eliminate an infestation.  A big advantage for a property manager trying to move a new tenant in.

img00672) Exacticide Duster.  Allows us to promptly dispense dust and fine granules precisely and consistently to targeted areas with long lasting products. If you try to dispense dust in other ways you get inconsistent amounts applied and typically untargeted and sometimes unsightly results. Using the Exacticide Duster helps prevent pest activity.


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